Lesson 1 Assignments

Follow the instructions below and complete the assignments before proceeding to Lesson 2.

Reading Worksheet

  1. 1945 ... Hitler-Time-cover -Artzybasheff
    Read through the Rise of Hitler, WWII, Holocaust, and Events in Maus pages of this website.
  2. Download the worksheet that goes along with these pages. You may need to go back through the information to answer the questions.
  3. When you have answered all of the questions, save your worksheet as "name_lesson1worksheet" and put it in the Assignment Drop Box folder.

WWII Website Project

  1. After completing the above worksheet assignment, with your team or partner, begin work on the WWII Website Project. Follow this link for complete instructions, requirements, and guidelines.
  2. When your website is complete, email your website's URL to Mr. Brunken.