Events in Maus

, as you know is set in Poland during WWII. The book tells the story of how two Polish Jews, Vladek and Anja Spiegleman, survived WII and the Holocaust. The books take us from when Vladek and Anja meet to Vladek's death in the 1980's. To better understand the events, the order in which they happen, and where they happen, use the timeline and map below.

Timeline of Events in Maus and Spiegelman's Life

  • 1906, Oct. 11: Vladek Spiegelman born
  • 1912, March 15: Anja Zylberberg born
  • 1927: Vladek starts his first service in the Polish army (conscripts must train every 4 years)
  • 1937, Feb. 14: Vladek and Anja marry (he is age 30, she 24)
    • 1937, Oct: Vladek and Anja's son Richieu is born in Sosnowiec
  • 1939, Aug. 24: Vladek is called to serve in the Polish army
    • Sept. 1: Germany invades Poland
    • Sept. 4: Germans enter Sosniwiec
                   Vladek is arrested as a prisoner of war
    • Sept. 28: Poland surrenders
    • Nov. 5-6: Jews in Poland must wear an armband or yellow star patch
    • Dec. 23: Jewish property in Poland is confiscated
                    Vladek and Anja's father lose their factories
  • 1940, Feb.: Vladek is released from the POW camp and sent to Lublin
  • 1941, Dec.: All Jews in Sosnowiec are forced to live in the ghetto section
    • Dec. 7: Japan attacks US at Pearl Harbor, US enters World War II
  • 1942, May 10-12: "Aktion" (deportation) of 1500 from Sosnowiec, includes Anja's parents
    • June: 2000 more Jews deported from Sosnowiec to Auschwitz
    • Aug. 12: 8000 Jews called to Sosnowiec stadium, then deported to Auschwitz
    • Vladek's parents are also deported and murdered in 1942
  • 1943, Spring: all remaining Jews in Sosnowiec are sent to Srodula ghetto
                          Richieu is sent to Zawiercie with his aunt Tosha
    • Aug. 16: most Jews in Srodula are deported to Auschwitz
                    Vladek and Anja are in hiding
    • Aug. 26: Tosha poisons herself, Richieu, her daughter Bibi and her niece Lonia to avoid deportation
  • 1944, Jan.: all remaining Jews in Srodula are murdered; Vladek and Anja are still in hiding
    • March: Vladek and Anja are sent to Auschwitz; quarantine til mid-May (II, 68)
    • May-Aug.: Vladek works in Auschwitz tin shop
    • Summer: Vladek sees Anja in Birkenau
    • Aug.-Oct.: Vladek works in Auschwitz shoe shop, then tin/metal working again
    • Sept/Oct: Anja is moved from Birkenau to Auschwitz I
  • 1945, Jan.: Vladek is marched to Gross Rosen (Anja, too, then to Ravensbrück)
    • Feb.: Vladek is sent by train to Dachau
    • April: Vladek is evacuated from Dachau
    • Apr. 29: Dachau is liberated
    • May 7: Germany surrenders
    • Summer: Vladek is in a US displaced persons camp in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
    • he goes to Bergen-Belsen, learns that Anja is in Sosnowiec, and goes there to meet her
  • 1946: Vladek and Anja move from Poland to Sweden; Vladek starts a business
  • 1948, Feb. 15: Art Spiegelman is born in Stockholm
  • 1951: Spiegelman family immigrates to US, Art grows up in Queens, New York
  • 1965: Art attends the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan
  • 1968, ca. March: Art has a brief but intense nervous breakdown & is hospitalized
    • May 21: Anja commits suicide after Art returns home
    • Art leaves Harpur college/SUNY Binghamton (major: art & philo)
  • 1970: Art publishes "Prisoner from Hell Planet" (reproduced in Maus)
  • 1972: Art publishes "Maus" in Funny Animals (3 page comic; one panel, six panels)
  • 1975: Art meets the woman he will marry, Françoise Mouly (b. 1955)
  • 1978: Art Spiegelman starts drawing Maus
  • 1979, Aug.: Art and Françoise spend time in the Catskill mountians (NY) with Vladek
  • 1980: Art and Françoise start the avant-garde magazine RAW
    • Art begins drawing Maus, which is serialized in RAW
  • 1982, Aug. 18: Vladek dies of congestive heart failure

*Timeline from here courtesy of Professor Harold Marcuse.

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