Lesson 3 Assignments

There are three possible assignments for this lesson. Choose two of the three assignments below to complete before moving on to the next lesson. Please follow the instructions below for the assignments you choose.

1. Visual Metaphors

Maus, by Art Spiegelman
  1. Open the Visual Metahpors worksheet here.
  2. Go to File >>> Make a copy.
  3. Change the name of the new document to "name_visualmetaphors".
  4. Type your answers to the questions in the blanks provided.
  5. Share your document with Mr. Brunken or drag it into the Assignment Drop Box folder.

2. Symbols in Maus

  1. Download the Symbolism Chart document here.
  2. Find two new examples of symbols in Maus.
  3. Fill in the chart by opening the PDF file and typing your responses on the lines.
  4. Complete two charts (two symbols) and save each separately as "name_symbolchart1" or "name_symbolchart2"
  5. Upload your finished files to the assignment drop box here.

3. Pictowords

Pictowords are a visual metaphor that uses a creative arrangement of text to communicate the meaning of a word. Observe carefully the example below to help you complete your own. Please follow the directions below to complete this assignment.

  1. Choose four words from the our vocabulary list to make pictowords for.
  2. Think of a way to write and arrange the letters of the words to create a visual metaphor for the word.
  3. You may use a graphic design program if you have one available or good old fashioned paper and art supplies to create your pictowords.
  4. When you are finished, either upload your final images to the Assignment Drop Box folder here as "name_pictoword1" or turn your pictowords in directly to Mr. Brunken. Scanned images of your drawing can also be uploaded to the Assignment folder.