Lesson 4: Final Essay

2004-02-29 Ball point pen writingCongratulations! You've nearly made it through the unit. All you have left to do is write your final essay. This essay will be your opportunity to show you have learned the concepts we have covered during this unit, especially symbolism. Remember, when you complete your essay put it into the Assignment Drop Box on Drive here.

Scroll down to view the assignment instructions as well refresher resources on how to write an essay.


Now that you have finished Maus and have thought about the various uses of symbolism by the author in the book, write an essay addressing the question below:

If you were writing a graphic novel set in Asia during WWII, what animals would you use to portray Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese, American, and Korean people? Why? 

Please give this question careful thought.  When choosing which animals should represent your groups, remember, there should be symbolic meaning behind your choice.  Also, do not forget to consider the historical relationships between the peoples, and the symbolic meanings of the animals you choose.  For example, the cultures and histories of China and Taiwan are very similar, but, at the same time, there important differences. Keep in mind Taiwan was part of the Japanese Empire during WWII.

Write your essay using Google Drive. When you are finished, make sure you share it with Mr. Brunken or put it in the Assignment Drop Box folder so it can be graded. Use the link below to review the basics of writing a good essay. Contact Mr. Brunken if you need more help.

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